Installation Instructions
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Enterprise Database Examples

MacTech Magazine - March 2005

Enterprise Information Systems on Mac OS X

There is only so much space available in print publications and we want that space to be used most effectively for the main flow of the example. To this end, we have set up this set of web pages to guide the reader who has just acquired or is about to acquire OpenBase, FrontBase and/or Omnis Studio to install and configure the software mentioned in the article series. While these are not difficult tasks, they do require quite a bit of space for both explanations and illustrations of the necessary processes.

Follow the links given below in the order they are listed. Each link launches a new browser window, so there is no need to worry about losing your place. Just close each window as you are finished with it and the next link will be waiting for you. This way if you already have some of the software installed, you won't have to read through unnecessary pages to get to the ones you need.

All of the software listed on these pages and in the associated article series is free for your evaluation use. (Look for a special upgrade offer on Omnis Studio on theirLicensing restrictions vary from one product to the next, but each company is eager for you to try their wares. Hopefully the only problems you might encounter are internet delays from all the enthusiastic MacTech readers trying to download these items at the same time!

OpenBase Acquisition, Licensing, Installation and Example Setup

FrontBase Acquisition, Licensing, Installation and Example Setup

Omnis Studio Acquisition, Licensing and Installation

DAM Installation

Creating SQL Session Templates

Once you have finished these steps, you'll be ready to work along with the article examples. Have at it!

Oh, and the necessary disclaimer: Neither David Swain, Polymath Business Systems nor MacTech Magazine are agents or employees of any of the companies whose products are featured here or in the associated article series. MacTech sells magazines and advertising in those magazines. Polymath Business Systems and David Swain sell training and consulting services using these and other software titles - and David writes magazine and technical journal articles and an occasional book on related topics. We just want you to know what's available and we have been able to make some special (but time-limited) deals for MacTech readers.